NTU Toolbox for Video Conferencing

Available resources for NTU faculties to conduct video conferencing or live streaming events

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U Meeting & U Webinar

  • Provided by NTUCTLD

To help teachers adopting distance education during COVID-19, we provide an U MEETING & U WEBINAR account for each teacher. Thus, every teacher can conduct live courses or hold distance discussions.

If you have any question about applying accounts, activating user account, or any operation issues, please contact NTU Office of Academic Affairs. (Tel: (02)33663367#532、580)

Cisco WebEx

  • Provided by NTU CINC

The maximum number of people in each meeting room is 1000 people. The participants can join the meeting through browsers, and the host can set up the meeting to 24 hours.

A WEBEX account is required if you want to schedule a meeting. To apply an WEBEX account, please provide your NTU email and Chinese or English name to the email below. Since the limited number of WEBEX account authorizations, we do not accept new applications if the account number is full.

If you have any question, please contact CINC Network team (02)3366-5513 / webexhelp@ntu.edu.tw

G Suite & Google Hangout Meet

  • Provided by G Suite for Education

Students and staffs of NTU can use the services of G Suite for Education. Including join and start a video conference, and the maximum number of people in each meeting room is 100 people.

Users have to activate their G suite service and get the account(@g.ntu.edu.tw)

Skype Meeting

  • Provided by Microsoft

Microsoft provides Skype that can hold voice and video call. The latest Skype provides the function ”Start a Meeting Now “. You can start an online meeting , everyone can join the meeting even if they don’t have an account.


  • Provided by CINC

Evercam provides students and staffs in NTU starting a presentation and screen recording.